Jewels By Forever

This is an instant hit among jewelry connoisseurs everywhere as it offers both versatility and elegance with a sterling silver box chain.

Since 1920

Our respected grandfather, the late Mr. Haji Ali Muhammad, founded the base of our company in 1920 in Bharuch, India. His son, Mr. Jan Muhammad, later continued his legacy in Karachi, Pakistan after the separation of Pakistan and India in 1947. Mr. Jan Muhammad continued the gemstone business and also incorporated jewellery manufacturing in1970.

Our Story

At Jewels By Forever, it is of the utmost importance to us that we are able to offer you perfect gemstones. We would also like to invite you to find out more about our precious Jewelry and have therefore summarised the criteria that determine a product's quality.
On the 23rd of March 1987, by the grace of Allah, we inaugurated our first retail outlet in Karachi, Pakistan by the name of TAIBAH JEWELLERS which was managed by late Mr. Jan Muhammad and his sons.


Our in house experienced designers based in Dubai and Bangkok deliver a wide and fresh range of jewellery designs that represent elegance and sophistication. It takes a lot of dedication, craftsmanship, and patience to create the perfect masterpiece from scratch.


The final approved designs are sent to the manufacturing department where the raw materials are sorted according to the design requirements which are further sent to the factory for production.
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